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Про нас
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About us

Together we contribute to the development of Ukraine!

Our NGO is a professional association of experts in the field of ecological business development, energy-efficient reconstruction and sustainable recovery of Ukraine

Про нас


On the basis of our union, platforms have been created for the exchange of experience and interaction between the state, commerce and society in such areas as energy efficiency and the implementation of the European Green Deal in Ukraine. We identify sectoral problems, develop strategies to overcome them and ensure maximum business involvement in the implementation process.

We help attract all the necessary external and internal resources and opportunities that will allow individual communities and society as a whole to self-improve and build potential for further actions.

Our principles



We stand for fair cooperation and fair competition. We support the principles of the rule of law and a country without corruption.



We are open to partnership, new projects and proposals, because we strive for sustainable development of our country.



We remain true to our goals and values, regardless of what changes are taking place in the middle of the state.


We are sure that it is possible to implement global projects and reforms of any complexity in an active, healthy, open and informed society.

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