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On February 17, 2022, an online briefing of the RESET 2022: Energy Efficient, Green Schools project

318 communities joined and registered for the curriculum in the field of energy efficient, green construction of educational institutions.

The basic tasks of the project are to create an opportunity for an architectural competition of ideas and to obtain new architectural solutions for the construction of a green school, such a project will be published in late June. Our goal is to bring together all the experts involved in this topic and create a learning platform to share experiences and launch a pilot project to build an energy-efficient, green school.

Green school is for us, and not only for us, it is the use of new architectural and construction solutions, and most importantly - it is a new philosophy of the school environment, which we hope to offer as an initiative to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

On February 17, an online briefing was held on the trend of building energy-efficient and green schools, presentation of curricula as part of the architectural project "RESET 2022: energy-efficient, green schools".


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